With gaming on the rise among Gen Z, brands—and even schools—are finding new ways to appeal to gamers in their marketing and advertising strategies.

Revolution Digital  |  May 10, 2019
Gaming in Marketing: How Brands Are Playing to Win Gen Z

We, as consumers, have embraced newfangled gadgets, strange apps and odd partnerships, but brands are now taking things one step further, venturing outside of their verticals to explore new marketing territories.

Revolution Digital  |  April 3, 2019
They Made What?! Brands Venturing Outside of Their Verticals

Newsflash: TikTok is officially a thing. The popular video-sharing app is quickly picking up steam, and social media marketers should take note — or, even better, create a quirky music video to get the ball rolling.

Revolution Digital  |  March 14, 2019
A Guide to TikTok for Marketers: 7 Things You Need to Know

From adding bagels to your grocery list to telling your kids a bedtime story, voice technology has come a long way.

Revolution Digital  |  March 7, 2019
Voice is Calling

From that fresh, new car smell to mesmerizing soap-cutting videos on Instagram, our bodies and minds are programmed to react to our senses.

Revolution Digital  |  February 21, 2019
Brands Deliver “All the Feels” Through Sensory Marketing

With an abundance of sophisticated, new technologies on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there was one common theme among the industry’s most hi-tech fortune-tellers: Voice.

Revolution Digital  |  February 4, 2019
Voice on the Rise: Why Brands Should Start Listening

For the same reason we want our bosses to call us by name instead of “hey you,” brands are realizing the importance in making their consumers feel “seen.”

Revolution Digital  |  January 22, 2019
The Rise of Personalization Marketing


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