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Will They Last? New Audience Trends from the Boredom Boom

From increased interest in food content to audience expansion on Twitch and TikTok, see how the pandemic is changing once well-established trends.

Revolution Digital  |  May 11, 2020
Will They Last? New Audience Trends from the Boredom Boom

Here we are, still in isolation. And while we’re finally getting into the swing of our new socially-distant roles – Leftover Chef, Math Teacher Mom, Keeper of the TP – brands are also having to adapt to these changes. Thanks to self-isolation, boredom has generated a shift in once well-established audience trends, altering consumer appeal and marketer consideration. The jury is still out on if these shifts will last post-quarantine, but they are changing the game for now.

Consumers are Hungry for Food Content
Bread baking is on the rise, recipe demonstrations are hotter than ever, and consumers are devouring online cooking content like never before. With stay-home orders and restaurant shutdowns in place, food websites are seeing a lift in traffic, especially from first-timers and takeout devotees. By staying socially active and community-focused, sites like Food52 and Bon Appétit hope to grow readership and retain fans even after COVID-19 passes.

TikTok Appeal Spans Beyond Gen Z
In these quarantined times when boredom has reached peak levels, TikTok has become a go-to source for hours of mindless entertainment. Once a platform primarily adopted by Gen Z, TikTok is now also attracting Millennials and beyond. Why? We’re all bored. Families are even making TikTok videos together. As for whether or not its popularity with the “older crowd” will last, we’ll know more after we’re no longer “alone in the house and we’re in the house bored.”

The Fitness Industry Discovers Its Flexibility
As gyms and fitness studios continue to close, brands are being forced to adapt to consumer needs, and thus, bringing new consumers into the fold. Aside from virtual and digital fitness companies benefiting from the shift, instructors are streaming private sessions and group classes to maintain their momentum. That said, some fitness studios aren’t likely to recover, with this pandemic weeding out the strong from the weak and putting major strain on brick and mortar. Moving forward, we’re excited to see how brands use these lessons to reinvent themselves.

Zoom: Not Just for Business Anymore
At a time when separation is so important, it’s no surprise people are turning to video conferencing for meetings, workouts, family time, happy hours and more. And with Zoom’s free option and easy-to-use interface, it’s become the social network of the pandemic – a fun way to stay connected that goes beyond just business calls. Since December, Zoom’s daily users spiked 1900%, making their new priority determining how to retain their new fans post-pandemic.

“Watching the Game” Takes on New Meaning
With sports taking a time out during the current pandemic, Twitch has been a homerun for fans desperate for action. “Twitch’s relatively unique appeal ¬– live broadcasts of video games and gaming competitions, often created by the players and users themselves – is well-suited to this moment in streaming.” Live video gaming and e-sports streaming have become the only option, giving an entirely new meaning to the question “did you watch the game?”

Of course, these shifts are just the tip of the iceberg. The world as we once knew it may never be the same, with brands and retailers scrambling to adapt to the new normal or risk being forgotten. At Revolution Digital, we work with all of our clients to develop strategic plans across social, digital and beyond, to ensure their messages are not only being seen – they’re also being acknowledged – even during a time of crisis. We listen to consumers, assess the landscape, and create phased approaches to roll out communications that help consumers feel seen and heard. Plus, we do it all from the safety of our own homes without missing a beat. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do, feel free to contact us online or via email at

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