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Voice is Calling

From adding bagels to your grocery list to telling your kids a bedtime story, voice technology has come a long way.

Revolution Digital  |  March 7, 2019
Voice is Calling

From adding bagels to your grocery list to telling your kids a bedtime story, voice technology has come a long way. And guess what? It’s not going anywhere. The Voice evolution is ongoing, and brands are jumping aboard to make sure they’re ready for the future. Revolution Digital had the recent pleasure of attending the Amazon-sponsored “Alexa Conference,” taking away some interesting facts and tips for those considering a move into Voice.

Voice is Evolving
Smart speakers are being adopted at a faster rate than smart phones and the internet. Plus, 26% of people who own smart speakers have already made a purchase by voice, making it far more valuable than just a tool to check the weather (but hey, we don’t hate). Soon, voice will be way bigger, with more capabilities, and more frequent use across more devices. Get ready.

The Antidote to Screen Addiction
With smartphone use on the rise, voice serves as a refreshing “remedy” to screen addiction. It allows us to get things done and consume interesting audio-first content in a screen-free, on-demand and frictionless way—out in the world with our heads up. Voice tech operates at the intersection of a return to our natural communication roots and cutting-edge innovation.

Flipping the Ad Framework
With voice tech, consumers can take back the reins and play a bigger role in determining the brands and content to which they’re exposed. While paid advertising will certainly impact which brands are served when voice commands are placed, consumers have a lot more power with Voice since they’re the ones initiating smart speaker conversations—not the other way around, like traditional and social media.

The Importance of Sonic Branding
When it comes to breaking into Voice as a brand, more is required than just deciding on a “skill” to own. You have to start with the basics, and that begins with one question: what does your brand sound like? Bring your identity to life by finding the right tone and nomenclature to build an emotional connection with consumers. Just make sure there’s consistency across channels!

Finding your “In”
When thinking about creating your brand’s Voice footprint, it’s easy to own random skills or deliver a wealth of information. But with 70,000 skills currently in Alexa alone, making your mark can be a challenge. It’s best to focus on one thing that consumers expect from you, leaning in to something you know will help make their everyday routine easier or more fruitful.

Voice + Data
Voice can provide a wealth of data, as long as brands know what to look for and how to glean the most accurate insights. First, think about how consumers are mentioning your brand to their voice devices, and update SEO/SEM to reflect common pronunciation mistakes and verbal idiosyncrasies. Also, consider timing. Does an increased frequency of utterances coincide with a TV launch or social campaign? Voice allows us to analyze and prove the comparative success of various touchpoints within our larger marketing ecosystem.

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