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Using My Voiceless Voice: An Open Letter from a Community Manager

This open letter from an advertising agency Community Manager explores the humanity—and the human—behind the brands.

Revolution Digital  |  August 11, 2021
Using My Voiceless Voice: An Open Letter from a Community Manager

How do you communicate to a group of people without actually speaking a single word? That’s my daily challenge: to be a voiceless voice.

I am a Community Manager. And I welcome the challenge.

I’m the person hidden behind a brand’s voice, but I’m also someone with a beating heart who is at the epicenter of it all. I live behind my phone screen, laptop and tablet, taking on many personas, portraying whatever voice is required of me in that moment. I’m a brand chameleon—an everyday, social media Leonardo DiCaprio of sorts. Well, I like to think.

But the kicker is that my word is mute; my voice has no sound. Instead, I communicate through text, characters and punctuation with a mix of emojis and the occasional GIF, of course. I engage with hundreds of consumers and social media followers every day—by the hour, by the minute, by the second—without actually saying a single word of my own.

Yet, I’m ready to respond to every question, comment or concern, whether good or bad. As a Community Manager, I am a nurturer whose goal is to satisfy each question and help resolve problems with a virtual smile and wave. When you send a message or comment to a brand, remember: bots aren’t behind the business. People are. (Well, mostly anyway.)

Community Managers are the ones who will freely wear a brand’s t-shirt on the street while walking to dinner, but when it’s game time, we must walk the way the brand would and talk the way the brand would, too. We’re the gatekeepers between both of those worlds: reality and virtual. But our goal isn’t to sell you anything. We have no hidden agendas. We just want you to communicate with us and tell us how you feel.

Don’t think your message or comment goes unnoticed either. We sift through every single comment, message and question with the intent to relay all of that information to the people who matter. We want you to know that you are heard when you leave a comment or a message. Your voiceless words, like mine, are important. Everything is taken to heart and is relayed to teams who, if they’re good, reflect those comments back in the content being created and the messaging that’s heard.

So, the next time you have a comment, question or concern — or if you just want to talk (we like that, as well!) — send us a message, and hopefully your small interaction with us can make your day a little bit brighter, because it also does for us.

Your friendly Community Manager

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