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Trendy Movements, New Twists: Brands Are Reinventing the Norm

See how brands are taking the norm and flipping it on its head to create campaigns and experiences that turn the “bandwagon” into something new and fresh.

Revolution Digital  |  February 18, 2020
Trendy Movements, New Twists: Brands Are Reinventing the Norm

Starting a trendy new HIIT program? Ditching the fast food drive-through? Swearing off cigarettes? Each new year comes with new self-made promises and hopes for change — but you’re not the only one looking to make a mark on 2020. Brands are taking the norm and flipping it on its head, creating fresh creative campaigns that instantly turn the “same old” into something new. And with January now behind us, let’s take a look at who’s been able to reinvent the bandwagon thus far:

MillerCoors Revamped “Dry January”
Forget about going cold turkey; this January, MillerCoors encouraged fans to grab a cold one. The beer brand pushed Miller64, a low alcohol and low-calorie beer, as a ‘dry-ish’ January option for a more approachable alternative to a month without alcohol. Nearly one-quarter of Americans participated in “Dry January” last year with 30% falling short, so this year, MillerCoors offered more realistic and enjoyable approach to New Year’s resolutions.

Coca-Cola Scraps Resolutions; Says Keep ‘Doing You’
New Year, New…Same, Fabulous You. With all the pressure to make changes and follow through with New Year’s resolutions, we tend to forget what makes us so uniquely us. This year, Coca-Cola wanted to remind fans that they are worth celebrating just the way they are. How? The beverage giant encouraged Diet Coke consumers to ignore flashy 2020 resolutions and to simply ‘do you’. Thanks, Coca-Cola.

Ritual Focuses on the Little Things
Hitting the gym seven days a week? Curbing your sweet tooth? Saving more money? Most of us try to take on challenging New Year’s resolutions to feel good about ourselves, but every big resolution starts with smaller steps toward change. With the help of teeny-tiny yellow billboards and the tagline “Start small,” vitamin brand Ritual is reminding consumers the importance of baby steps and every day progress when it comes to health goals. After all, healthy habits turn into Rituals, right?

Cadbury Puts an Egg-cellent Spin on Streaming Services
Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Cadbury Creme Egg is turning your decadent chocolate eating experience into entertainment for both the eyes and ears. The chocolate brand created a streaming service, “Eatertainment,” that will host humorous, cinematic short films inspired by the debate around how consumers should eat a Creme Egg. During a time when steaming services are king, Cadbury hopes to gain some attention while playfully wading into the streaming war. Who’s ready for some “all you-can-eatertainment”?

Subway Jumped on the ‘Veganuary’ Bandwagon
Did you join in on the #Veganuary movement and give up meat for the month of January? Subway UK decided to step up their vegetarian game with a hilarious introduction to their new Meatless Marinara Sub: a taste test that caused confusion as to whether or not their meatballs were, in fact, meat. With the Impossible burger debuting at several popular fast-food chain restaurants, Subway saw an opportunity to take advantage of ‘Veganuary’ and put their Meatless Marinara Sub firmly on the map.

And now, whether or not you’ve been able to hang onto your resolutions, we can all celebrate making it past the January hump. With so much pressure on society to start each year with what feels like 1,000 different goals towards achieving self-satisfaction, we applaud the brands that can be more realistic on this quest. Will their campaigns work? Who knows. Do we appreciate brands who “get us”? Absolutely.

At Revolution Digital, we create campaigns that approach our brands’ audiences in ways that make sense. In a sea of social and digital content, sticking out is key, so instead of jumping on the bandwagon, we help reinvent it. Our social insights team helps us to craft campaigns and initiatives that push the envelope and build brand buzz (without overwhelming the consumer). Like our work, we’re approachable. We’re relatable. We’re unique. We also love a challenge. For more information, reach out to us online or email us at

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