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The Rise of Personalization Marketing

For the same reason we want our bosses to call us by name instead of “hey you,” brands are realizing the importance in making their consumers feel “seen.”

Revolution Digital  |  January 22, 2019
The Rise of Personalization Marketing

For the same reason we want our bosses to call us by name instead of “hey you,” brands are realizing the importance in making their consumers feel “seen.” From custom, habit-based shopping experiences to monogrammed products, personalization marketing is here in a big way—and not just among luxury retailers with Benjamins to spare. Check out some of the companies who are doing it right:

Prose Knows
Prose, a personalized hair care brand that launched in January 2018, believes that “the ultimate luxury is a product that is made just for you.” So, their website hosts a 5-minute hair questionnaire, asking consumers about how their hair responds to humidity, texture, and scent preferences in order to create a unique formula that’s then made and shipped out. The brand ended their first year with an additional $18 million in Series B investment. Cha-ching!

Pinterest and Levi’s Join Forces
Looking for style “Pinspiration”? Levi’s just changed the game. The two brands developed “Styled by Levi’s,” a personal styling tool that uses Pinterest data to create personalized Pinterest boards for Levi’s customers. Can’t find the words to describe what you like? Don’t fret. A visual-based questionnaire helps to determine style preferences that match your taste. And it works! In just a few weeks, thousands of boards were created.

Sam’s Club Maps Out Shopping Routes
It’s a fact: one of life’s greatest challenges is navigating the grocery store. But Sam’s Club is making it easier by integrating a mapping system into their Scan & Go app. The feature “will use beacon technology and will be tied to a customer’s shopping list to map their best route through the store. Add in AI technology, and a user’s shopping list will be pre-populated with a customer’s frequent purchases.” Umm, yes please!

Dove Plays the Name Game
Remember Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign? Well, Dove is kicking things up a notch with “My Baby Dove,” by letting parents personalize Baby Dove lotion and wash products to create a product just for them. (Share that, Coke!). Dove’s hope is that the customized products will make new parents, their babies, and gift-givers feels special about its uniqueness.

Stella & Dot Gets Conversational
Stella & Dot doesn’t just rely on in-home parties to sell accessories and apparel. With online sales driving 70% of their business, the brand stepped up their consumer interaction to give digital shoppers that same in-person feeling. They automated personalization efforts to include language like “You got it girl!” and “This is going to look great on you” throughout the online purchase funnel, which drove conversion and reinforced brand identity. Win, win.

Clinique Customizes a Classic
They jumped on the personalization bandwagon without reinventing the wheel, and for that reason, Clinique is in it to win it. The cosmetics brand recently launched Clinique iD, a customized hydration system based around their already-popular Dramatically Different Moisturizer Lotion. Clinique iD allows consumers to mix and match the lotion with an active concentrate cartridge of their choosing. Each cartridge is formulated to address a different skin concern and is designed to fit inside the moisturizer for a custom-crafted, hybrid-product pump.

But brands aren’t just reaping the rewards from happy customers who come back for more; social media plays a big role, too. With social platforms acting as a soap box for tastemakers, influencers and, really, just about everybody, developing a unique offering that has “the share factor” is key. Personalized products give consumers exclusive content to share on their feeds (which everybody loves), and in turn, it helps raise awareness of that brand on social.

At the end of the day, we all want to feel special. Marketers have struck gold with feel-good personalization products, but it’s not always easy navigating past step one. At Revolution Digital, our team of strategists and digital specialists can work with you to build momentum for your brand, far beyond a customized offering. We’d love to work together! To see how we can work together, reach out to us at

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