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The Growth of “Green”: Sustainability in Marketing

With eco-consciousness on the rise, brands are embracing sustainability in new ways to appeal to Millennial audiences. See whose marketing is going “green.”

Revolution Digital  |  March 9, 2020
The Growth of “Green”: Sustainability in Marketing

Earth is “in,” you guys. And brands across all verticals—from health and wellness to retail—are taking greater responsibility for the environment (yasss, earth queens). Going green not only benefits the planet; it benefits the brands who are doing it. Consumers have been vying for and purchasing more sustainable products than ever before, and with conscious capitalism on the rise, pleasing Mother Nature is in everyone’s marketing plan. Plus, our Revolution Digital cross-category trend study shows that having sustainable practices is one of the top six reasons why Millennials choose the products they do, proving that green = green.

How Challenger Brands Go “Eco”
New data reveals that 49% of all consumers are more likely to recommend brands that address environmental concerns. So, how can challenger brands elbow their way through a sea of established “sustainable” companies to promote their corporate social responsibility? Referral marketing. Not only is it cost effective, but recommending ethical businesses and brands makes consumers look and feel good. Plus, brands are sweetening the pot by implementing referral programs that reward consumers for spreading the love. It’s a win-win.

Saucony Goes Sustainable
One small step for Saucony, one big step for the planet. During last month’s Super Bowl, the shoe brand debuted their commercial “One Small Step,” announcing the upcoming launch of their first biodegradable shoe. “What if the shoes we threw away actually went away?” the ad asks. In a world where eco-friendly fashion is booming, Saucony is going above and beyond to make innovative products that reduce their footprint, for good.

Seventh Generation Campaigns for a Cause
Climate change is real. And with more and more young activists fighting for the cause, Seventh Generation saw an opportunity to get involved. Unilever’s eco-friendly cleaning brand launched a campaign that encourages others to join them in keeping Earth a habitable place for future generations. They’re also celebrating the efforts of young conservationists by highlighting young activists from previous generations in their ads and donating to the Youth Climate Action Fund.

Clorox Cleans Up Branding for Eco-Friendly Millennials
Already a notable household cleaning brand, Clorox has been around for 107 years and carries a legacy that sits on its big bottles of bleach. But as an older brand in a growing category, Clorox is shining a light on sustainability to attract younger consumers. To reach millennials, the brand launched new compostable wipes, created a more modern and “confident” logo design to show that it’s evolving, and formed an influencer advisory council made up of largely millennial influencers.

Brands Are Embracing “Zero Waste”
Known for her alternative Zero Waste lifestyle, Bea Johnson founded a movement that started with a trash-free family home and grew into a sustainability practice that brands are aiming to emulate. Johnson’s lifestyle first influenced furniture giant IKEA, who created of a number of items tied to a zero-waste lifestyle, including wooden toothbrushes and reusable glass containers. Starbucks, Amazon and L’Oréal have also picked Johnson’s brain for help adapting their businesses. Expect to see more eco-friendly products in the near future!

At Revolution Digital, we make it our business to find out what matters most to consumers. Our recommendations and strategies are all grounded in social listening and consumer insights, with industry and cultural trends always top of mind. Inclusive of our sustainability findings, research was conducted across food, beverage and personal care categories to better inform our clients about what matters to Millennials, from innovation to function and beyond. Our insights have helped shape new campaigns and initiatives to move the needle and make Millennials pay attention. If you’re interested in learning more or working with Revolution Digital, contact us online or send us an email at

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