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The Future of Social Listening

Revolution Digital breaks down the latest in social listening trends, discussing their importance, as well as the direction social listening could take in the future.

Revolution Digital  |  April 19, 2021
The Future of Social Listening

Social listening, or the act of brands keeping an ear to social channels to gather consumer insights around products and services, is undergoing a technical shift. Advancements in machine learning are enabling social listening to occur with real-time data analysis, leading to quick, actionable insights. As authenticity and transparency become the core pillars of brand marketing, listening to your audience on social channels has never been more important. Mobilizing that data to create meaningful, purpose-driven creative is the path to successful marketing campaigns.

Social listening, or the less data-driven form of brand monitoring, has become a key component of things like brand crisis management, keeping an eye out for user-generated content, and two-way communication with consumers, as well as industry buzz and competitive analysis. It’s important to pair brand monitoring with active social listening to paint the full picture of any given brand online. Understanding the differences between social listening and monitoring is crucial for marketing success.

The benefits of an all-in approach to social media can be seen in case studies for Panasonic and Toms, with social listening bolstering the brands’ pandemic response, and also more accurately informing effective partnerships based on consumer interest. Consumer data is never static, changing monthly, or sometimes weekly.

Recently, chatbots have emerged as a potential useful social listening tool for brands. Using AI to comb user interaction with chatbots is where current research is heading, to evolve chatbots past being a customer service tool and help them become a source of valuable data for brands as bots become more advanced and more social.

With about 65% of consumers using social media for customer service, it opens up social listening opportunities for brands. Responding to users on social media can help retain customers even after a less-than-ideal experience. Using that data, discovering patterns in it, and proactively seeking it out is an often overlooked means of social listening that brands can easily employ.

Predictive behavior using AI-informed social listening is seemingly more and more on the horizon. The modeling and predictive analysis AI and machine learning employs to deliver real-time social listening results can help brands utilize a more consumer-predictive model. The same algorithmic model that Netflix and Spotify use to predict user taste/interest can be used for brands to look at purchase intent and/or brand awareness/buzz.

At Revolution Digital, we take a data-first approach to building brand love. Using social listening and monitoring, the agency is able to produce actionable insights for an ever-changing marketplace. This new approach to campaign-build is done in real time and backed by timely strategic insights. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our website at, or reach out to us online or at

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