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Sound On: How Podcasts Are Changing Advertising

Podcasts are more than just a great platform for storytelling and original content—they’re becoming a mecca for advertisers who crave a captive audience.

Revolution Digital  |  June 10, 2019
Sound On: How Podcasts Are Changing Advertising

Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on? We’re talking to you. And even though we don’t have the soothing voice of a podcast narrator to lure you in, we know the thought is appealing. How do we know? Because 16 million people in the U.S. are “avid podcast fans,” and that number is climbing daily. But podcasts are more than just a great platform for storytelling and original content—they’re becoming a mecca for advertisers who crave a captive audience.

A Sound Future: Spotify Bets Big on Podcasts
Spotify, which currently has 217 million monthly active users worldwide, is embracing podcasts in a big way. The platform, known for music streaming, is overhauling its app to more prominently promote the popular medium, putting podcasts on equal footing with music. Spotify has also purchased 3 podcasting companies and invested in exclusive content, which will pave the way for more advertising opportunities and, ultimately, more profit.

A La-La Land of Opportunity
For mattress companies, podcasts are a dream come true. Research shows that 51% of people who’ve ever listened to a podcast have used the medium as a way to relax before going to bed: the perfect time and place to market a mattress. In fact, more than half of the ads on podcasts from May ‘18-March ‘19 were from bedding companies. But with over 700K podcasts available, advertisers are sure to find a pod for every product and a niche for every need.

Not a Fad: Podcasts Are Fashion-Forward
Trendsetters have spoken: the fashion industry officially loves podcasts. High-end fashion houses Coach and Chanel have already created podcasts that cover everything from brand ambassador spotlights to industry news, in hopes of fostering more intimate connections with their fans on a more frequent basis. Most podcast listeners are loyal, affluent and educated, making the medium appealing terrain for those looking to reach that audience.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: MailChimp Makes a Pod
If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, the odds are you’ve probably heard a MailChimp ad. Now, the email marketing company whose ads once infiltrated the space, is shifting gears to create podcast content of their own. Their new series, ‘Going Through It,’ features interviews with notable women and aims to generate positivity around the brand, proving that not all brand-backed podcasts have to be…well, branded.

Stories with Scale: The Podcast-to-TV Craze
Homecoming. Lore. Dirty John. 2 Dope Queens. As the list of podcasts-turned-TV shows continues to grow, so does the benefit of podcast advertising. Television producers are picking up story-based audio shows left and right, transforming captivating tales into binge-worthy watching. This benefits podcast advertisers and sponsors not just for selling; It’s a creative way to align with content that can build positive associations around the brand.

Every day, podcasts are rising in popularity. They’re opening new avenues for marketing and distinguishing a loyal fanbase across dozens of genres.
Whether at home, on a commute, at the gym, or at work, consumers are able to remain entertained and multitask no matter where their day takes them. This creates a unique opportunity for advertisers: the ability to be wherever the consumer is—and to know they’re listening.

At Revolution Digital, we’re constantly evolving our strategies and advertising capabilities to pave the way for our clients on new mediums and channels. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to connect! Reach out to us at

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