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Pfizer crafts up Nexium 24HR sock puppets for Facebook-only campaign

The Nexium over the counter launch could have given Pfizer heartburn… instead, Revolution Digital gave them puppets, $300 million in revenue and one of the largest and most successful Rx to OTC switches ever.

Revolution Digital  |  May 12, 2016
Pfizer crafts up Nexium 24HR sock puppets for Facebook-only campaign

The following is an excerpt from FiercePharma.

The little purple pill now has little sock puppets. In a Facebook-only ad campaign, Lenny, Suzie and assorted other sock puppet spokescharacter friends discuss heartburn and Pfizer’s Nexium 24HR solution.

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The sock puppet social media scenes carry the theme “Don’t let heartburn get in the way,” offering Nexium 24HR as the antidote to heartburn-induced stress and eating certain foods.

The puppets “depict heartburn trigger situations in which people have to deal with the condition as though it were an unwelcome guest. The humor and use of puppets diminishes the power of heartburn and reinforces the power of Nexium 24HR,” according to Pfizer, via an email interview.

The ads were created in conjunction with the marketing and social media agency Revolution Digital and were designed specifically for Facebook. The campaign began running in September with the target audience as “frequent heartburn sufferers who do not believe they will ever fully be able to manage their condition,” Pfizer said.

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