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Party of One: How Brands Are Marketing to Single Consumers

Single people everywhere are embracing their solo status. Here’s how brands and marketers are shifting their strategies to reach uncoupled consumers.

Revolution Digital  |  December 18, 2019
Party of One: How Brands Are Marketing to Single Consumers

Family holiday cards are so 2018; this year, singles are ready to jingle. Get ready to open a festive greeting card of your unattached friend chugging bottle of bubbly. Or hugging a dog. Or sipping from a coconut on some beach in Maui. “The Single Age” has arrived, and uncoupled people everywhere are embracing their solo status. Why? Because there’s something empowering about the freedom of singlehood, and brands and marketers are finally catching on.

With 79% of young Americans thinking today’s society is more accepting of singles, it’s no surprise that “traditional” lifestyles are falling by the wayside. Instead of singledom being seen as an inadequacy, people are embracing the freedom that comes from being unattached – starting with their purchases.

Single’s Day: The New Black Friday?
Step aside, Black Friday. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba created Single’s Day to “celebrate the unattached” as an antithesis to Valentine’s Day, and guess what? It’s working. On 11/11, the “holiday” kicked off Alibaba’s Global Shopping Festival, known as ‘Double 11,’ and drew in a record 31.82 billion dollars in one day, proving single sells. Who needs a man (or woman), anyway?

Jetstar Celebrates Flying Solo – Literally
With Single’s Day picking up momentum around the globe, Jetstar Airways saw an opportunity to capitalize on the holiday and consumers’ increased interest in solo traveling. So, this year, the airline offered deals for solo flyers from Singapore, hoping new, unattached consumers would take the plunge and book a vacation for one, which has been linked to feeling “refreshed and recharged.”

Living Alone? Enter Charmin’s “Forever Roll”
There should be nothing complicated about your relationship status with toilet paper. But with more Americans living alone than ever before, jumbo packs of TP are just inconvenient. They take up valuable storage space and aren’t ideal for a one-person household. Enter: Charmin’s Forever Roll, a giant roll of toilet paper that can last up to a month, solving the problem of finding an appropriate amount of household staples for solo living. We expect other brands to follow suit.

Lululemon, Athleta + Nike to Benefit from a Rise in Singles
According to US Census estimates, roughly 45% of 25- to 44-year-old women will be single by 2030, which would make it the largest share in history (independent women, what WHAT?!). With unattached women spending “significantly more time exercising” than single men, athleticwear is expected to see an increase in demand, with brands like Athleta, Lululemon, Nike and Outdoor Voices gearing up to benefit from the shift.

Rent Over Buy: Brands Adapt to the Single Millennial Mindset
Millennial and Gen Z singles are changing the landscape of the economy, starting with a preference to rent over buy. From favoring streaming services like Netflix over buying DVDs, to renting furniture, clothing and homes over purchasing, brands are adapting to this reality by catering to the single lifestyle. Betty Crocker already jumped on the bandwagon with microwavable single-serving desserts, because who wants to be stuck with a giant pan of brownies for one (except everyone, really)?

With this paradigm shift on the rise, we can expect to see an uptick in marketing and advertising efforts geared towards single consumers. From scaled-down packaging and smaller product offerings for one-person households, to campaigns that champion the unattached, the Single Age is here. But is your brand ready?

At Revolution Digital, we use trend forecasting and consumer research to develop meaningful, relevant brand strategies. As consumer culture changes, so does our advertising. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do and how we can help, contact us online or at

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