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An Agency Quarantine: Making Virtual More Fun (and Creative)

With precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, here’s how Revolution Digital is fueling creativity (and fun) from working remotely.

Revolution Digital  |  March 18, 2020
An Agency Quarantine: Making Virtual More Fun (and Creative)

At Revolution Digital, we’re used to working from home. Our flexible remote policy allows our employees to get work done from the comfort of their own homes whenever they choose, all without ever having to change out of their jammies. So, while we’re all on lockdown (including our kids who can’t stop belting out songs from Frozen 2), we’re making the most of this unique scenario by keeping collaboration alive in fun, new ways. Here’s how we, at Rev-D, are keeping spirits up and business moving forward during this pandemic.

1) Slack Attack!
Thanks to Slack, our agency’s everyday instant messaging system, we can all remain in close communication without any in-person interaction. It allows us to create unique conversation threads for jobs, workstreams, and important topics, like photos of our pets and the fancy breakfasts we can now take time to prepare every morning at home. It allows us to share breaking news in real-time and act fast to keep moving forward. Thanks, Slack!

2) A Google Doc to Preserve Our Sanity
From recipes for one to podcasts and pandemic watchlists, we’ve created a shared document that allows Rev-D’ers to make recommendations for the whole family. Not sure how to occupy your kids while you work? Children’s Author/Illustrator, Mo Willems, does a live drawing/doodle class every day at 1pm. Going stir crazy in your studio apartment? Try a guided meditation on the Calm app. We even post exercise challenges for whoever dares to keep up with our Creative Director, Winston. The list goes on.

3) Video Calls for Social Interaction
We believe in the power of facetime. And thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to have a quick face-to-face group huddle from different area codes. Not only do we encourage our employees to “go live” during conference calls so we can see their spectacular mugs (if they want to, of course), but this also encourages daily showering and pants wearing (yes, we said it). For fun, consider scheduling a virtual “water cooler” break where employees can video call in for non-work-related, midday musings.

4) Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance
At Revolution Digital, we’ve always been of the mindset that if the work is getting done, it can get done from anywhere. While we value in-person interaction and encourage as much of it as possible during the work week, we understand that this lockdown brings new challenges, from childcare to technology. Now, more than ever, we take pride in the togetherness of our team. We’re pitching in where we’re needed. We’re adapting our deadlines to account for roadblocks. We’re all troubleshooting with smiles on our faces. Most importantly, we’re making sure that just because we’re working from home, we can still separate work from home. Being home means more time to cuddle our pets, play with our kids and spend some time on self-care. We take unplugging just as seriously as being present.

5) Content Crowdsourcing
Our business is fueled by collaboration, idea sharing and brainstorms. So, with our team out of office for the indefinite future, we’re forced to come up with new ways to keep creative juices flowing. From fun, open-ended poll questions that boost morale (e.g. Pick two employees who you’d choose to be quarantined with and tell us why) to daily challenges that spark creativity (Who can come up with the best quarantine-related TikTok challenge?), we’re all about keeping each other on our toes.

By finding the fun in our “new normal,” we’ve been able to learn more about our teammates, troubleshoot new challenges and find the silver lining in every situation. Tell us how you’ve been making the best out of the lockdown. We’d love to hear from you!

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