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6 Marketing Trends
to Follow in 2019

We’re on the dawn of a new year, which means marketers have an opportunity to start fresh, propose new ideas, and take advantage of trends on the rise.

Revolution Digital  |  December 27, 2018
6 Marketing Trends <br />to Follow in 2019

We’re on the dawn of a new year, which means marketers have an opportunity to start fresh, propose new ideas, and take advantage of trends on the rise. It’s safe to say that social media and digital advertising aren’t going anywhere, but the landscape we know today is bound to evolve in 2019.

While we all refine our strategies, plan for new campaigns, and help our clients allocate their dollars, it’s important to know where things are headed and how to prepare for those shifts. Here are six marketing trends worth watching in the coming year.

1. Voice Interaction
Now more than ever, consumers are turning to Siri, Alexa, and other “smart” devices to help make purchase decisions (okay, and to ask math questions, but that’s neither here nor there). Because the results of this type of search query will be read aloud by each respective device and differ from your typical website results page, brands need to make sure their SEO is optimized to reflect best practices for voice command.

2. Live Streaming
With the introduction of Instagram’s IGTV and other new live-streaming services like Twitch, real-time video is giving brands an opportunity to showcase their authenticity for a consumer marketplace that demands originality. Whether it’s social media influencers or brands who are sharing content, the spontaneity of live streaming can lead to homeruns for those who execute it properly.

3. Anti-Ad Ad Content
While consumers continue to run away from traditional ads, there’s still a place for them in the social sphere, as long as messages are trustworthy and relevant. It’s important to consider whose opinion is most meaningful to the consumer. Instead of being “sold to” by a given brand, consumers may be more inclined to consider purchase if referred to by other consumers or influencers or brands.

4. Chatbots
They’re commonly used by Facebook for a myriad of different community management needs, but Chatbots aren’t just on the rise at the networking company. A significant increase in usage proves brands are taking notice, too, with the sophisticated software slowly taking over the customer service space. That being said, Chatbots aren’t right for everybody, but their presence does create a more competitive environment when it comes to consumer interaction. If you’re not using Chatbots, be sure to employ a solid community outreach team with a distinctive tone of voice and knowledge of the brand to help you keep up with the Joneses.

5. Email Marketing
It’s ba-ack! What was once a spammy way to reach consumers has rebounded to become one of today’s more effective methods in reaching consumers…most of the time. Short and sweet daily email marketing newsletters have paved the way for brands to get more personal with consumers, adding customization to a typically generic template that’s was once bound to end up in the junk folder. With a combination of personalization and animation, email marketing may be your brand’s secret weapon to connecting with your consumer, gathering data, and creating a more customized shopping experience.

6. Brand Transparency
Consumers expect and crave honesty from the brands they love; they don’t want to simply use a product anymore — they want to feel proud to be using it, making brand transparency a crucial puzzle piece in successful digital marketing. The more your brand can establish a sense of greater purpose, whether it be through corporate social responsibility or relevancy in today’s cultural zeitgeist, show fans what makes you, you. Let them in behind the scenes and highlight your greater purpose to increase loyalty and trust.

At Revolution Digital, we pride ourselves on evolving with our brands year after year. And as the digital marketing, advertising and social media landscapes change, we learn, adapt and evolve with them, guiding our clients through that new terrain. By remaining on the pulse of this ever-changing space, we’ve been able to develop campaigns and strategies that bring new life to old brands. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, we’d love to chat! Contact our team at

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